Adds dynamic lighting via deferred shading to pixi.js
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A plugin that adds deferred lighting to Pixi.js

Note: This modules requires v3.0.7 (or higher) of pixi.js.

WARNING: Experimental

This module is experimental and unoptimized, I do not consider it "production ready" yet.


  1. More lighting types, left are:
    • Spot lights
    • Hemisphere lights
    • Area lights
  2. Add dynamic shadows
  3. Write tests!


This module comes with a couple different objects. The important bits are that is comes with a custom renderer that does deferred shading, the WebGLDeferredRenderer. There also multiple light objects that can be added to your scene like normal objects and they will emit light.

Here is a quick usage example:

var renderer = new PIXI.lights.WebGLDeferredRenderer(1024, 512),
    stage = new PIXI.Container(),
    light = new PIXI.lights.PointLight(0xffffff, 1);

PIXI.loader.add(['block.png', 'blockNormal.png']).load(function (loader, res) {
    var block = new PIXI.Sprite(res['block.png'].texture);

    // also need to set the normal texture for lighting to work right
    block.normalTexture = res['blockNormal.png'].texture;

    // add the block and the light to the stage


function animate() {

Pretty much exactly the same as any normal PIXI scene, except for two things:

  1. You must use the PIXI.lights.WebGLDeferredRenderer
  2. You must assign a normal texture to any sprite you want illuminated


You normally don't need to build this module, you can just download a release from the releases page.

However, if you are developing on the project or want a bleeding edge build then you will need to have node and gulp setup on your machine.

Then you can install dependencies and build:

npm i && npm run build

That will output the built distributables to ./bin.