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Working with the form builder

As of v10.5.0, PresideCMS provides a system that enables content administrators to build input forms to gather submissions from their site's user base. The form builder system is fully extendable and this guide sets out to provide detailed instructions on how to do so.

See the following pages for detailed documentation:

  1. [[formbuilder-overview]]
  2. [[formbuilder-itemtypes]]
  3. [[formbuilder-actions]]
  4. [[formbuilder-styling-and-layout]]

Screenshot showing a form builder form's workbench

The form builder system is not to be confused with the [[presideforms|PresideCMS Forms system]]. The form builder is a system in which content editors can produce dynamically configured forms and insert them into content pages. The [[presideforms|PresideCMS Forms system]] is a system of programatically defining forms that can be used either in the admin interface or hard wired into the application's front end interfaces.