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An XML sitemap extension for PresideCMS
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PresideCMS Extension: XML Sitemap Extension

This is an extension for PresideCMS that will create sitemap.xml for all active pages

##Scheduled task

If using PresideCMS 10.6.x and below, Schedule Task Extension will need to be installed before XML Sitemap Extension will be able to run (ask about this in the PresideCMS slack channel!).


The file, sitemap.xml will be generated by the scheduled task in your webroot. You should add a .gitignore rule to keep it out of your repository.


Install the extension to your application via either of the methods detailed below (Git submodule / CommandBox) and then enable the extension by opening up the Preside developer console and entering:

extension enable preside-ext-xml-sitemap
reload all

Git Submodule method

From the root of your application, type the following command:

git submodule add application/extensions/preside-ext-xml-sitemap

CommandBox (box.json) method

From the root of your application, type the following command:

box install pixl8/preside-ext-xml-sitemap#v1.1.0

Making your sitemap available to Google

There are two different ways to make your sitemap available to Google:


  • Insert the following line anywhere in your robots.txt file, specifying the path to your sitemap:


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