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Developer tools wp-cli commands bundle: phpcpd, phpcs, phpdcd, phploc, phpmd, phpunit
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wp-cli PHP developer tools 0.2.5

Build Status Support

Useful commands/wrappers around common development and test utilities:

Also in the bundle a single command to run every command at once:

  • phpreport -- Run phpcpd + phpcs + phpdcd + phploc + phpmd + phpunit over a single plugin/theme

Work in progress:

  • minify -- Combines and minifies JavaScript and CSS files via YUI Compressor.
  • phpdoc -- Generate project documentation via phpDocumentor.
  • phpcov -- Measure and report code testing coverage via PHP_CodeCoverage.

System Requirements

  • PHP >=5.4
  • Composer
  • wp-cli


  • Install wp-cli
  • Install wp-cli-php-devtools:
cd /path/to/wp-cli/
composer config repositories.wp-cli composer
composer require pixline/wp-cli-php-devtools=0.2.5
  • Add wp-cli bin/ folder to $PATH (important!!):
echo 'PATH="/path/to/wp-cli/bin/:$PATH" >> .bash_profile



  • wp-cli.yml configuration support (all commands except phpunit)
  • Cleaner inline commands help

Previous releases

  • 0.2.4 (29/11/2013) __invoke implementation
  • 0.2.3 (29/11/2013) First public release


Copyright (c) 2013+ Paolo Tresso / SWERgroup

Plugin released under the MIT License

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