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;;;; CENTER-SELECTION -- crop an image to center the current selection
;;;; By Scott Pakin <>
;;;; Version 1.0
;;; Define the function that does all the work of cropping an image.
(define (script-fu-crop-to-center-selection image
(gimp-image-undo-group-start image)
(let ((selection-bbox (gimp-selection-bounds image)))
(if (= (car selection-bbox) 0)
(gimp-message "There needs to be be an active selection for this script to work")
(let* ((original-width (car (gimp-image-width image)))
(original-height (car (gimp-image-height image)))
(new-width original-width)
(new-height original-height)
(offset-x 0)
(offset-y 0))
;; Define a helper function that maps a total distance
;; (original-width or original-height), the starting point
;; of the selection (x0 or y0), and the ending point of the
;; selection (x1 or y1) to a crop offset and crop length.
(let ((compute-offset-and-length
(lambda (original-distance
(let* ((selection-center (trunc (/ (+ selection-start
(before-selection-center selection-center)
(after-selection-center (- original-distance
(cond ((< before-selection-center after-selection-center)
;; Crop the part of the image preceding
;; the selection.
(list 0 (+ (* 2 selection-center) 1)))
((> before-selection-center after-selection-center)
;; Crop the part of the image following
;; the selection.
(let ((offset (- selection-start
(- original-distance selection-end))))
(list offset (- original-distance offset))))
;; Don't crop anything.
(t (list 0 original-distance)))))))
;; Determine the new image width and the offset from the
;; original image.
(if (eq? center-x? TRUE)
(let ((x-crop-values (compute-offset-and-length
(nth 1 selection-bbox)
(nth 3 selection-bbox))))
(set! offset-x (nth 0 x-crop-values))
(set! new-width (nth 1 x-crop-values))))
;; Determine the new image height and the offset from the
;; original image.
(if (eq? center-y? TRUE)
(let ((y-crop-values (compute-offset-and-length
(nth 2 selection-bbox)
(nth 4 selection-bbox))))
(set! offset-y (nth 0 y-crop-values))
(set! new-height (nth 1 y-crop-values))))
;; Crop the image.
(gimp-image-crop image new-width new-height offset-x offset-y))
;; Optionally crop the image a second time to preserve the
;; original image's aspect ratio.
(if (eq? preserve-aspect-ratio? TRUE)
(let ((original-ratio (/ original-width original-height))
(new-ratio (/ new-width new-height)))
(cond ((> original-ratio new-ratio)
;; The new image is too tall -- crop it vertically.
(let* ((final-height (trunc (/ (* new-width original-height)
(offset-y (trunc (/ (- new-height final-height) 2))))
(gimp-image-crop image new-width final-height 0 offset-y)))
((< original-ratio new-ratio)
;; The new image is too wide -- crop it horizontally.
(let* ((final-width (trunc (/ (* new-height original-width)
(offset-x (trunc (/ (- new-width final-width) 2))))
(gimp-image-crop image final-width new-height offset-x 0)))))))))
;; Flush the resulting image.
(gimp-image-undo-group-end image)
;;; Register the function.
_"_Center Selection..."
"Crops the image so that the center of the current selection becomes the center of the entire image."
"Scott Pakin <>"
"Copyright (C) 2008, Scott Pakin"
"21 September 2008"
SF-IMAGE "Image" 0
SF-DRAWABLE "Drawable" 0
SF-TOGGLE _"Center _horizontally" TRUE
SF-TOGGLE _"Center _vertically" TRUE
SF-TOGGLE _"Preserve _aspect ratio" FALSE)
;;; Create a menu item to invoke the script.
(script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-crop-to-center-selection"
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