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PIXLS.US Website

Yep, here it is. Finally!


So you'd like to write some content for the site? Awesome!

All of our files are written in Markdown and are usually self-contained in a single directory for convenience.

I have started a guide to writing for the site that includes how to setup a preview environment easily and various small details about including images, videos, and more to be consistent with the site style and responsiveness. You can find those details in the file.



The site is built using a static site generator, metalsmith.

To build the site, you'll need:

  • Node.js
    • node --version shows: v4.4.4.
    • npm --version is 2.15.1

Once you've installed Node.js, you can clone the site, then use Node Package Manager (npm) to install the rest of the dependencies:

$ git clone
$ cd website
$ npm install

This command should install all of the required dependencies for building the site. If you want to see exactly what they all are, take a look inside the package.json file.

There will likely be some warnings declared until I finish upgrading and testing packages.

The site has been updated to all of the latest packages. Any residual WARNings are due to packages calling old(er) dependencies.

Building the Site

Once the requirements are installed, the site can be built locally with:

$ node index.js

This will output all of the site files into a directory, build/.

If you don't have an http server ready to use, you can install one:

$ npm install -g http-server

and then start it up to view the built site:

$ http-server build/

You can then see it in a browser: localhost:8080.