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Feel - The code behind ConceptCoaster


Visit the Python tutorial on ConceptCoaster to check out an example course. The application consists of two components:

  • For Instructors: A course and content creator you'd love to use.
  • For Students: A simple, responsive web app providing a zen-like learning experience.

(This is a rewrite of my previous project).


  • Khan Academy and Coursera are not open source. You cannot run your own instance of these sites.
  • Traditional Learning Management systems and EdX are clunky, focus too much on administrative aspects and suffer from feature creep.

Running your own playground instance of ConceptCoaster

2. Pull the image:

docker pull pramodliv1/feel:0.3

3. Start the container:

docker run -p pramodliv1/feel:0.3 /root/

The container exposes a port on 7777.


  • Your data will be NOT be saved when the container is stopped.
  • The app does NOT connect to external dependencies like Algolia and HackerRank


This is a single-page-app built using

  • React, Backbone and Materialize on the front-end
  • Nginx as a reverse proxy
  • Django as a JSON/HTTP server
  • PostgreSQL as the primary datastore
  • Redis for caching
  • HackerRank to evaluate code
  • Algolia for search
  • Opbeat to measure django performance
  • Cloudflare for HTTPS, CDN
  • Azure and Digital Ocean VMs for hosting.


The application is in an exploratory stage, and may undergo drastic changes. The course-creator is not open to the public yet. I'm getting feedback from students and instructors. Issues are noted in a private spreadsheet and there no tests either. I'd love to hear your feedback.