Vivaldi algorithm in Elixir
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Prototyping and visualizing the Vivaldi algorithm in Elixir.

Test it for yourself!

1. Clone the repo

git clone

2. cd to the vivaldi directory

cd vivaldi

3. Fetch dependencies

mix deps.get

4. Run tests

epmd -daemon
mix test

5. Build the vivaldi binary


6. Copy the binary to a bunch of servers

7.On each peer,

7.1 Install Erlang

7.2 Start the epmd daemon

epmd -daemon

7.3 Start the peer.

(Assign a unique node_id to each peer)

  ./vivaldi --nodeid <node_id> --nodename <node_id>@<node_ip_address> --cookie <cookie>

8. Start the algorithm using the controller.

You can run the controller on your local machine using iex

8.1 Start iex

iex -S mix

8.2. List all peers

peers = [
  # And so on

8.3 Start the controller node

alias Vivaldi.Experiment.Controller

cookie = :<cookie>
ip_address = "<ip_address>"

Controller.start :"controller@#{ip_address}", cookie, peers

And we're done! Let the algorithm run for a few minutes.

9. Collect Results


A file call my_events.json will be placed in the visualization directory.

10. Visualize!

Follow instructions at the visualization directory.