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  • override -[PEOSCMessage hash] for support of -[PEOSCMessage isEqual]?
  • pull address validation code out to a class method and use within -[PEOSCMessage initWithData:]
  • redo static library for iOS in the mannor descirbed by jamie and migrate Example/Tests to it
  • add
  • test interoperability against Lemur, TouchOSC, Max 6, oF and Cinder
  • go unicast and later add multicast support
  • sort out OSC bundle support
  • figure out how to expose a constant for the 'immediate' NTPTimetag (NSDate category? only relevant for bundles invocation?)
  • look into simple MIDI tunneling example
  • add more in-depth usage info to README for Mac OS X and iOS applications


  • store host message originated from?
  • do a better job with NSData allocation and writing in -_data?
  • ignore unknown types (is that even possible?)
  • make debug buffer dump multi-line and byte-gap configurable


  • host and port could be readwrite with collectionless
  • document 9k UDP limit and Blob use
  • offer connected variant in addition to connectionless


  • consider some sort of simple router


  • may need to consider disconnect / stop listening in -tearDown
  • test message creation from data, bad tagTypeString, empty types
  • test send of type-less message, nil and @[]
  • test message argument serialization
  • test message argument deserialization
  • test sender with bad host (if connection-based again)


  • send message
  • receive message
  • send bad message data
  • receive bad message data
  • receive message with unknown type in type string
  • send data on privileged port, < 1024
  • receive data on privileged port, < 1024
  • receive data on a port in use


  • sample router? ?*[!-]{,}//
  • example message snooper


  • mDNS receiver announcement
  • consider a PEOSCValue class to wrap boxing
  • add socket management layer to allow sharing (only relevant if port reuse is disabled)
  • add TCP and Serial sender/receiver classes via SLIP
  • allow end points to be discovered through query proposal
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