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add task to override -hash and test against Cinder

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1 parent c0ae495 commit dc36b2ebbbae0d9fa3506b10e527710b2043cabe @pizthewiz committed Feb 22, 2013
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+- override -[PEOSCMessage hash] for support of -[PEOSCMessage isEqual]?
+- pull address validation code out to a class method and use within -[PEOSCMessage initWithData:]
- redo static library for iOS in the mannor [descirbed by jamie]( and migrate Example/Tests to it
-- check out Specta and Expecta, migrate testing
- add
-- test interoperability against Lemur, TouchOSC, Max 6 and oF
+- test interoperability against Lemur, TouchOSC, Max 6, oF and Cinder
- go unicast and later add multicast support
- sort out OSC bundle support
- figure out how to expose a constant for the 'immediate' NTPTimetag (NSDate category? only relevant for bundles invocation?)

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