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Build status

This lib is still in early stage of development, so things will more or less change.

What is it?

It's .NET library designed for building Web API with pagination feature.


Prior referencing this library make sure your project meets requirements.

The PagiNET is valid with .NET Standard 2.0. Here is a list of compatible .NET Frameworks.

The PagiNET shall work with both EF and EF.Core. Unfortunetly I can't tell which exact EF versions are supported right now.

Angular Example

To run angular example, clone this repo and get NPM and NuGet packages

# Clone repository on your disk
git clone

# Get client app packages
cd PagiNET\examples\AngularExample   # go to example project root
npm install                          # or 'yarn'
dotnet restore                       # you need ASP.NET Core SDK @2.0.0+

# Build and run example app
dotnet build & dotnet run

# The server should start and the website URL should appear in the console
# It would be something like 'http://localhost:51234'

After navigating to the hosted site, you should be able to see some sample components that use PagiNET as backend framework.

Right now there is only one component which is simple paginated grid. More components are comming soon.

The whole point of checking out example project is to see how API calls look like and how PagiNET generates SQL queries.

Run your fav SQL profiler (ex: Express Profiler), connect to database server (default is (localdb)\mssqllocaldb), start profiling and change page on any componet.

You should see that PagiNET queries database only for selected number of rows.

exec sp_executesql N'SELECT [p].[Id], [p].[BirthDate], [p].[Gender], [p].[Name]
FROM [Customers] AS [p]
ORDER BY [p].[Id]
OFFSET @__p_0 ROWS FETCH NEXT @__p_1 ROWS ONLY',N'@__p_0 int,@__p_1 int',@__p_0=20,@__p_1=20

This is massive performance tweak when your query result can have hundreds of rows. Just think about network usage and memory consumption.


All issues/PRs/suggestions are welcome!

If you'd like to contribute to the procjet fork this repo and make an pull request.

You can reach me on Twitter: @pizycki.


  • Pagination
  • Sorting
  • Multilevel sorting
  • Integration testing
  • Pager model
  • EF Core
  • .NET Standard 2.0
  • Example app (Angular2)
    • Pager component
    • List view
    • Add Cake task for quick run
  • CI&CD (AppVeyor)
    • Build
    • Unit tests
    • Integration tests (real db)
      • Working localy
      • On build server
    • Nuget publish
  • API improvments
    • TakePage IQueryable -> IQueryable
    • SinglePage IQueryable -> Page