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Process Starter

Small helper for executing processes in Windows.

Example usage

We'd like to create shorcut that we could later pin to our Windows taskbar. Our shortcut will open D partition on our disk. In particular, it can be any location, local or in our network.

Download and extract repository. You can do it by clicking Download ZIP in right top corner.

Copy sample directory to the place where you store your software, like C:\Programs. Surely you can rename it whatever you want.

Inside directory, there is IzzyDev.ProcessStarter.exe - our little helper. Create shortcut to it. Simply Ctrl+C it and Paste here as shortcut. Then go to shortcuts Properties. Edit Target to be like C:\Programs\ProcessStarter\IzzyDev.ProcessStarter.exe explorer.exe "D:\".

Mind spaces!

Editing shortcut Target

If you want your shortcut to be more unique, set to it some fancy icon.

Setting shortcut icon

After that, drag&drop your shortcut to the taskbar.

And that's it! From now on, you can access your D partition simply by clicking on shortcut located on your taskbar.

If you want more shorcuts, simply create more of them with different names and targets.