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Neutron IDE is a web based integrated development environment.
Neutron IDE was created to be a web IDE that satisfies the following:
1. Is free and open source
2. Is able to install on an existing development server for both performance and privacy of your code.
3. Is easy to install and secure out of the box.
Neutron IDE is based on Ace Editor ( and currentely has the following features:
* Syntax highlighting
* Auto indentation and outdent
* Themes
* Image editing via Phoenix:
* File browser
* Tabbed interface
* Search and Replace in current tab, all tabs, or in a directory
* Terminal Emulator
In the near future I hope to:
* Add a plugin system (integrate tools like Git, SVN via plugins)
* Integrate more 3rd Party tools for editing binary files.
--- Notes on terminal ---
Some browsers, like Chrome in particular, do not send all keyboard signals through to javascript. So if you press key combinations like Ctrl-W, it will close your tab and send nothing to the terminal. Sorry :-(
--- This file was edited in Neutron IDE ---
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