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+This is project has been discontinued. See Neutron Drive now:
+Using Neutron Drive and Neutron Beam you can have the same functionality as Neutron IDE.
+Neutron Beam:
Neutron IDE is a web based integrated development environment.
Neutron IDE was created to be a web IDE that satisfies the following:
@@ -15,12 +20,6 @@ Neutron IDE is based on Ace Editor ( and currentely has the
* Search and Replace in current tab, all tabs, or in a directory
* Terminal Emulator
-In the near future I hope to:
- * Add a plugin system (integrate tools like Git, SVN via plugins)
- * Integrate more 3rd Party tools for editing binary files.
--- Notes on terminal ---
Some browsers, like Chrome in particular, do not send all keyboard signals through to javascript. So if you press key combinations like Ctrl-W, it will close your tab and send nothing to the terminal. Sorry :-(

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