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Neutron IDE v0.2 is a web based integrated development environment.

With release of Chrome OS and the advancement to a more web based society, I thought it only fitting to start using a web based IDE.  There are already quite a few web based IDE services out there.  While these are great, you often can't edit code directly off a development server you run, or if you can, it loads files painfully slow.  I also believe in using free and open source tools for development.

So to sum it up, I would like a web based editor that is the following:
  1. Free and open source
  2. Able to install on an existing development server for speed.
  3. Easy to install and secure out of the box.

After reviewing web based editors, I was left with only the Ecplise Orion project at

Orion, while promising, right now only lets you edit Javascript and CSS. Major Fail!

So I created Neutron IDE.  A web based IDE that you can quickly install on a development server to edit your code in the cloud.

Neutron IDE will be in heavy development the next few months but should have enough features to keep you coding happy for now.

Currently, the IDE should let you edit any text file and save it.  Some of the editor customizations work, but a lot do not.

In the near future I hope to:
  * Support all editor customizations and allow easy access to them.
  * Integrate 3rd Party tools for editing images and other binary files.
  * Integrate project support.
  * Integrate features like search, replace, directoy search, etc.
  * Integrate a native client ssh client.

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