🍕 [WIP] Modern OSS Order Management System for Pizza Restaurants
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PizzaQL 🍕

Modern OSS Order Management System for Pizza Restaurants.

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The goal of this project is to provide a modern and easy to use order management system with order placement form as well. You can track progress in our TODO list 😄

More information coming soon. Please note that this project is currently work in progress and you shouldn't use it in production!


Note: The following instructions are for developers. Setup instructions for beginners will be provided later.


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Enter the backend directory
  3. Run docker-compose up -d and then prisma deploy to start the GraphQL Server
  4. Enter the frontend directory
  5. Edit the settings.js file and include your Auth0's client id & domain
  6. Run npm install to install required dependencies
  7. Now run npm run dev to start the application in the development mode
  • You can access the GraphQL Playground at http://localhost:4466/
  • You can access the order placement form at http://localhost:3000 and the admin dashboard at http://localhost:3000/admin (you will need to login to see the list of orders)
  • To build the application in the production mode, just run npm run build


Order Placement System

  • Basic Frontend
    • Production-ready Frontend (styles etc.)
    • Dark mode
  • Working Backend
    • Creating orders
  • Better delivery time selection
  • Lock order placement system between specific hours

Order Management System

  • Login
    • Full security with Auth0
  • Basic Frontend
    • Listening for orders (instead of manual page reloading)
      • Rewrite to GraphQL Subscriptions (work in progress, requires custom resolver)
    • Ability to delete orders
    • Production-ready Frontend (styles etc.)
  • Working Backend

Project Page

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Other pages (like contact form)


  • Testing with Ava & Enzyme
  • Move from Prisma Cloud to Docker.
  • Documentation
  • Paid support (?)

(?) - unsure.

How it works?


Built with:

and many other awesome technologies 🦄