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Very short example on using Jigsaw Layers (used in presentations).
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Jigsaw Layers Example.iml

Jigsaw Layers Example

Very short example on using Jigsaw Layers (used in presentation).

The example contains four commits:

  1. jigsaw.layers.Example module added that collects Java conferences via JavaConfProvider service interface
  2. jPrime provider added
  3. jProfessionals provider added
  4. Jigsaw layer created that loads jprime.provider module into a separate layer

How to build and run

You need JDK 10+ to run this example.

  1. Open the project in the IntelliJ IDEA (CE is enough).

  2. Build Project

  3. Create a run configuration:

    • Choose jigsaw.layers.example.JavaConfCollector as the main class
    • Use Jigsaw-Layers-Example as the classpath nodule
    • Use out/production/jprime.provider as Program arguments
    • Use the root project directory as Working directory
  4. Run. You should get the following:

Hello from jPrime!
Hello from jProfessionals!
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