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A tinder-like swiping application but for things to do nearby. Made with React.
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A tinder-like web app that helps you find things to do nearby

A live running version can be found at

Netlify Status

Findr Gif *Sorry for the dodgy gif :(


  • React
  • Next.js

I also made use of the React-Swipy library for the card swiping.

Backend (as an API)

  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Foursquare API

This web app was originally made using my very basic react knowledge and the google maps API. It was very bad but the code can still be found in the old branch.

Getting Setup

  1. Clone the repository locally
  2. Navigate to /frontend and run npm install
  3. Navigate to /backend and run npm install
  4. Inside the /backend/example.env file, put your foursquare client_id and client_secret (info on getting these can be found here)
  5. In the same file, ensure your list of allowed origins includes 'http://localhost:3000' (this is your frontend)
  6. Rename your example.env to just .env
  7. Inside of the /backend folder Run npm start to start the backend. You can see if this is working by visiting http://localhost:3001
  8. Inside of the /frontend/src/utils folder, modify the getPlaces function so that the url points to your locally running backend (http://localhost:3001)
  9. Inside of the /frontend folder, run npm run dev to start the frontend. You can also run npm run build followed by npm start to run the production build.


I made this app as a way to solidify everything I have learned, but hopefully I have also made it easy enough to contribute despite that not being the goal of this project.

Feel free to fork the project and make whatever changes you want, I will happily merge them in if they are useful!

If you are stuck on what to work on but still want to contribute, check out the Github Issues as I will put any bugs or potential features there

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