Clojure landscape from Java developer perspective
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Clojure landscape from Java perspective

This list shows Clojure equivalents to popular Java/JavaScript libraries and frameworks. It should be helpful for people transitioning from Java to Clojure (I'm one of those).

In concept it is similar to mongo to sql comparision and intellij for eclipse users guides. So it tells you what are to new ways of doing what you already know.

Most technologies/concepts has been taken from JHipster technology stack.

Pull requests welcome!


Java Clojure
JHipster luminus
Maven, Gradle leiningen
Spring component, yoyo, trapperkeeper, mount
Spring Boot duct, modularity, mr-clojure, compojure-api, tesla-microservice
Spring MVC compojure, compojure-api
WebSockets sente, chord, gniazdo
Jackson cheshire
Thymeleaf enlive, hiccup, selmer
JAWR optimus
Bean Validation spec, schema, validateur, bouncer, verily
Logback timbre
OkHttp, Apache Http Client clj-http, http-kit client
JUnit/AssertJ clojure.test, humane-test-output, midje, expectations
Wiremock clj-http-fake
Spring Security friend, buddy
Spring Data system
JPA korma
JDBI, JOOQ honeysql, yesql, hugsql
Liquibase ragtime, migratus
Quartz quartzite, chime
JRebel, Spring loaded reloaded.repl


Javascript ClojureScript
Grunt leiningen, boot
Yeoman chestnut, tenzing
grunt live reload figwheel
Angular om/reagent/quiescent/rum/brutha
Angular $http cljs-http
Angular UI bootstrap om-bootstrap, bootstrap-cljs, re-com
Angular UI router secretary
Karma cljs.test, doo


Concept Clojure
NoSQL monger, carmine, elastisch, cassaforte, alia
Storm, Spark marceline, flamboo