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A work-in-progress tool to maintain a TIL repo.


See it in action below:

til in action


I wrote a blog post about the interesting parts of the til internals, specifically:

  • Using unix pipes to feed data to fzf and read its output
  • Using an external editor
  • Creating a commit with the GitHub API


Step 1: Install the gem

gem install til-rb

You will also need fzf to run til, it's available on homebrew, so unless you already installed it, you'll have to run

brew install fzf

fzf is technically not a hard requirement, we really could have a slightly different workflow if it's not available. Given that I currently am the only user, there's no need to change this at the moment, but if you'd like to use this gem without fzf, let me know and I'll happily work on it!

Step 2: Create a GitHub repo

You need a GitHub repo to store your TILs. The gem has pretty strict expectations about the format of the file, so I recommend forking this repo, or just copying the content to a fresh new repo.

Note: The format expectations mentioned above are the following:

  • A "categories" section as defined by a leading markdown separator ---, followed by a blank line, the ### Categories title, and a list of all the categories.
  • A links section as defined by a leading markdown separator ---, followed by a blank line and a series of markdown titles for each categories present in the previous section.

Step 3: Add the environment variables

Add the following variables to your environment:

  • TIL_RB_GITHUB_TOKEN: The only required scope is public_repo if your TIL repo is public and repo if it is private. You can create a token in the GitHub settings
  • TIL_RB_GITHUB_REPO: The repo name, e.g. pjambet/til

You might want to add those to either your .bashrc or .zshrc but please be careful in case you share those publicly as the token is private and must not be shared publicly.

Note: An earlier version of this gem used different names, GH_TOKEN & GH_REPO, it still works, but is not the recommended approach anymore, see #2.

Step 4:

Run til from the command line

Future improvements

  • An init command that will create a repo for you
  • A configure command that will store the token and the repo name in a file in ~/.config/til/config or ~/.til
  • Other storage destinations, looks like Gitlab has an API that could be used to replicate the logic we use for GH

Known issues

The current version (0.0.5) deletes the temporary file before attempting to create the new commit, so if anything goes wrong there, the content of the file will be lost. This will be fixed soon, by only deleting the temporary file after the commit was created, but please keep that in mind if you typed a long TIL and definitely don't want to lose its content.


A cli to help managing a TIL repo - Like mine:







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