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#pragma once
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <vector>
#include "d3d9.h"
#include "SMAA.h"
#include "FXAA.h"
#include "SSAO.h"
#include "GAUSS.h"
#include "HUD.h"
class RSManager {
static RSManager instance;
bool inited;
D3DVIEWPORT9 viewport;
IDirect3DDevice9 *d3ddev;
float lastPresentTime;
bool lowFPSmode;
bool doAA;
SMAA* smaa;
FXAA* fxaa;
bool doSsao;
SSAO* ssao;
bool doDofGauss;
GAUSS* gauss;
bool doHud;
HUD* hud;
IDirect3DTexture9* rgbaBuffer1Tex;
IDirect3DSurface9* rgbaBuffer1Surf;
IDirect3DSurface9* depthStencilSurf;
IDirect3DSurface9* zSurf;
bool hideHud;
bool onHudRT, pausedHudRT;
std::set<int> dumpedTextures;
unsigned texIndex, mainRenderTexIndex, mainRenderSurfIndex;
typedef std::map<IDirect3DTexture9*, int> TexIntMap;
TexIntMap texIndices, mainRenderTexIndices;
typedef std::map<IDirect3DSurface9*, int> SurfIntMap;
SurfIntMap mainRenderSurfIndices;
bool captureNextFrame, capturing, hudStarted, takeScreenshot;
unsigned dumpCaptureIndex;
void dumpSurface(const char* name, IDirect3DSurface9* surface);
#define TEXTURE(_name, _hash) \
private: \
static const UINT32 texture##_name##Hash = _hash; \
IDirect3DTexture9* texture##_name; \
bool isTexture##_name(IDirect3DBaseTexture9* pTexture) { return texture##_name && ((IDirect3DTexture9*)pTexture) == texture##_name; };
#include "Textures.def"
#undef TEXTURE
bool isTextureText(IDirect3DBaseTexture9* pTexture);
const char* getTextureName(IDirect3DBaseTexture9* pTexture);
unsigned numKnownTextures, foundKnownTextures;
unsigned skippedPresents;
// RenderDoneDetectionProgress
// basically, when the game switches rendertargets after setting texture 0 to 3 in order, but no others,
// we assume we just finished rendering the hud-less image. This variable keeps track of the number of "correct" texture settings.
unsigned rddp;
// NumRenderTargetSwitches
// we use the number of switches between rendertargets to figure out where we are in the pipeline. Yeah, it's flaky
unsigned nrts;
// Count the number of times the 2 upper DoF rendertargets were set in doft[1] and doft[2]
unsigned doft[3];
unsigned isDof(unsigned width, unsigned height);
// HudDoneDetectionProgress
// sequence: 5xHudHealthbar, 2-3xCategoryIconsSoulCount, followed by any other texture signals end of normal Hud drawing
// TODO: handle cursed
unsigned hddp;
// main rendertarget for this frame
IDirect3DSurface9* mainRT;
unsigned mainRTuses;
void registerKnowTexture(LPCVOID pSrcData, UINT SrcDataSize, LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9 pTexture);
IDirect3DTexture9* getSurfTexture(IDirect3DSurface9* pSurface);
// Render state store/restore
void storeRenderState();
void restoreRenderState();
IDirect3DVertexDeclaration9* prevVDecl;
IDirect3DSurface9* prevDepthStencilSurf;
IDirect3DSurface9* prevRenderTarget;
IDirect3DTexture9* prevRenderTex;
IDirect3DStateBlock9* prevStateBlock;
static RSManager& get() {
return instance;
RSManager() : smaa(NULL), fxaa(NULL), ssao(NULL), gauss(NULL), rgbaBuffer1Surf(NULL), rgbaBuffer1Tex(NULL),
inited(false), doAA(true), doSsao(true), doDofGauss(true), doHud(true), captureNextFrame(false), capturing(false), hudStarted(false), takeScreenshot(false), hideHud(false),
mainRenderTexIndex(0), mainRenderSurfIndex(0), dumpCaptureIndex(0), numKnownTextures(0), foundKnownTextures(0), skippedPresents(0) {
#define TEXTURE(_name, _hash) ++numKnownTextures;
#include "Textures.def"
#undef TEXTURE
void setD3DDevice(IDirect3DDevice9 *pD3Ddev) { d3ddev = pD3Ddev; }
void initResources();
void releaseResources();
void setViewport(const D3DVIEWPORT9& vp) {
viewport = vp;
bool isViewport(const RECT& r) {
return (r.left == viewport.X) && ( == viewport.Y) && (r.bottom == viewport.Height) && (r.right == viewport.Width);
D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS adjustPresentationParameters(const D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS *pPresentationParameters);
void enableSingleFrameCapture();
void enableTakeScreenshot();
bool takingScreenshot() { return takeScreenshot; }
void toggleAA() { doAA = !doAA; }
void toggleVssao() { doSsao = !doSsao; }
void toggleHideHud() { hideHud = !hideHud; }
void toggleChangeHud() { doHud = !doHud; }
void toggleDofGauss() { doDofGauss = !doDofGauss; }
void reloadVssao();
void reloadHbao();
void reloadScao();
void reloadGauss();
void reloadAA();
bool allowStateChanges() { return !onHudRT; }
INT16 hudVertices[32];
void reloadHudVertices();
void registerMainRenderTexture(IDirect3DTexture9* pTexture);
void registerMainRenderSurface(IDirect3DSurface9* pSurface);
void registerTexture(IDirect3DTexture9* ppTexture);
unsigned getTextureIndex(IDirect3DTexture9* ppTexture);
void registerD3DXCreateTextureFromFileInMemory(LPCVOID pSrcData, UINT SrcDataSize, LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9 pTexture);
void registerD3DXCompileShader(LPCSTR pSrcData, UINT srcDataLen, const D3DXMACRO *pDefines, LPD3DXINCLUDE pInclude, LPCSTR pFunctionName, LPCSTR pProfile, DWORD Flags, LPD3DXBUFFER * ppShader, LPD3DXBUFFER * ppErrorMsgs, LPD3DXCONSTANTTABLE * ppConstantTable);
HRESULT redirectSetRenderTarget(DWORD RenderTargetIndex, IDirect3DSurface9* pRenderTarget);
void finishHudRendering();
void pauseHudRendering();
void resumeHudRendering();
HRESULT redirectStretchRect(IDirect3DSurface9* pSourceSurface, CONST RECT* pSourceRect, IDirect3DSurface9* pDestSurface, CONST RECT* pDestRect, D3DTEXTUREFILTERTYPE Filter);
HRESULT redirectSetTexture(DWORD Stage, IDirect3DBaseTexture9 * pTexture);
HRESULT redirectSetDepthStencilSurface(IDirect3DSurface9* pNewZStencil);
HRESULT redirectPresent(CONST RECT * pSourceRect, CONST RECT * pDestRect, HWND hDestWindowOverride, CONST RGNDATA * pDirtyRegion);
void frameTimeManagement();
HRESULT redirectDrawIndexedPrimitiveUP(D3DPRIMITIVETYPE PrimitiveType, UINT MinIndex, UINT NumVertices, UINT PrimitiveCount, CONST void* pIndexData, D3DFORMAT IndexDataFormat, CONST void* pVertexStreamZeroData, UINT VertexStreamZeroStride);
HRESULT redirectDrawPrimitiveUP(D3DPRIMITIVETYPE PrimitiveType, UINT PrimitiveCount, CONST void* pVertexStreamZeroData, UINT VertexStreamZeroStride);
HRESULT redirectD3DXCreateTextureFromFileInMemoryEx(LPDIRECT3DDEVICE9 pDevice, LPCVOID pSrcData, UINT SrcDataSize, UINT Width, UINT Height, UINT MipLevels, DWORD Usage, D3DFORMAT Format, D3DPOOL Pool, DWORD Filter, DWORD MipFilter, D3DCOLOR ColorKey, D3DXIMAGE_INFO* pSrcInfo, PALETTEENTRY* pPalette, LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9* ppTexture);
HRESULT redirectSetTextureStageState(DWORD Stage, D3DTEXTURESTAGESTATETYPE Type, DWORD Value);
HRESULT redirectSetRenderState(D3DRENDERSTATETYPE State, DWORD Value);