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// - mouse cursor hiding/capturing
// - increase DoF resolution
// - further gaussian blur of high-res DoF targets to approximate intended degree of sharpness
// - screen-space ambient occlusion using existing z data (rendertexture #3 after first pass!)
// - integrate FXAA/SMAA (on framebuffer, pre-HUD, ~step 79-81)
//- HUD toggle
//- HUD scaling
// + DrawIndexedPrimitiveUP for all non-text graphics
// + DrawPrimitiveUp for text
- fix the disappearing sun/moon issue (well, first find out what's causing it)
+ NOTE: only happens for vertical res > 720
// - improve performance with changed HUD (hit should be negligible, why isn't it?)
// - configurable hotkeys
- improve SSAO quality / support alternative implementations
- variable rendering resolution (hysteresis thresholding, drop res when hitting ~ >30 ms frame time)
// - fix window shrink after toggling borderless fullscreen multiple times
- minimize/move initial loading window
- efficiently reuse buffers when multiple effects are used
- fix sporadic SMAA issue reported (first need to reproduce)
- look into problems reported with save backup system
- figure out where / when / how projection matrix is set (for aspect ratio fix and to know exact nearZ/farZ)
// - texture override
// - prefix checksums with 0
// - fix text cutoff at 1024x720
// - fix dynamic shadow cutoff
- turn off SSAO when activating bonfire
- make individual parts of HUD scale separately
- save management with more than 1 GFWL account
========= HUD
- separate scaling factors for different parts of the HUD
- Bugs:
+ boss health bars
+ switching indicator (for weapons/spells/items) not scaled
+ curse symbol not scaled
+ subtitles
+ interaction with sun/moon
+ damage numbers
========= Cleanup
- move Effect compilation to base class, with nice wrapper for setting defines
- split texture handling part of renderstate manager into separate texture manager
- create some kind of generic interface for the detection of different positions in the renderpipeling, use in renderstate manager
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