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Your Ruby and Rails Oriented Emacs dot file.

Latest version 24.4.1


  • Uses built in Ruby mode.
  • Uses package.el for managing packages for all the modes.
  • C+c C+c for comment and uncomment a region.
  • C-S-m to see magit status.
  • M+/ to autocomplete function names (type the first letters and hit M+/ and it’ll autocomplete).
  • C+c t in a ruby test file will hopefully run that test. (Experimental but works in plain ruby type testing, rails… not so much. Getting there).


  1. Install emacs using homebrew (chances are you are on OS X) brew install emacs --cocoa
  2. Git clone this repo to ~/.emacs.d/
  3. Boot emacs


You will see some activity in the minibuffer, as each package downloads. If you get any ‘errors’, especially time out errors, just reboot emacs. Package always runs at startup and looks for any newly added packages to init.el.

If it really borks, just rm -rf ~/.emacs.d/ and start again.