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+h1. Your Rails Oriented Emacs dot file.
+Maybe it's a ruby based emacs file, whatever, screw you.
+h2. Installation
+We use el-get as our package manager. That means you will boot up your emacs for the first time, install el-get with the code below and then reboot emacs. I think that's the easiest way to put it.
+-1. Git clone this repo to ~/.emacs.d/
+0. Boot emacs.
+1. Paste this code into your *scratch* buffer:
+ (url-retrieve "" (lambda (s) (let (el-get-master-branch) (end-of-buffer) (eval-print-last-sexp))))
+2. With the cursor at the end of this code snippet hit C+j
+3. Reboot Emacs.
+You will see your machine download recipes/packages in the minibuffer. If you get any 'errors', especially time out errors, just reboot emacs agin. el-get runs at startup and will look for recipes that were added, that it didn't have at last startup.
+If it really borks, just rm -rf ~/.emacs.d/ and start again.
+Keep an eye on here, as i get the urge to make things better every once in awhile.

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