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Authentication shizzle #5

merged 11 commits into from Mar 1, 2012

2 participants

Inferis commented Feb 10, 2012

Reworked authentication, is delegated to seperate object now.

Added implementation for BasicAuthentication.
Added implementation for OAuth.

Basic authentication:

[[tin authenticateWithUsername:@"user" password:@"passwd"] get:@"http://url" success:^(TinResponse *response) {


[[tin signedWithClientKey:@"insert-key-here" clientSecret:@"insert-secret-here"] get:@"http://url" query:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:@"oob" forKey:@"oauth_callback"] success:^(TinResponse *response) {
    response.parseMethod = TinFormURLParseMethod;
    NSDictionary* keys = response.parsedResponse; // contains oauth_token and oauth_token_secret, for instance
and others added some commits Dec 28, 2011
@pjaspers pjaspers merged commit 674352e into pjaspers:AFNetworking Mar 1, 2012
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