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* add authenticity token into ajax requests. closes #120
* Adding the custom_class attribute to text answer fields. Fixes #113.
* reverting some styles
* Add padding to dependent questions
* Change colors in surveyor.sass
* Fix dependent questions css and alternate column color in grid questions
* quiz example
* support correct answers for quizes through dsl. closes #105
* test dependency issues. closes #73
* fixing feature, section menu doens't appear until three sections exist
* fixing default values to only appear when response is blank
* fixing typo in specs. fixing cucumber on hudson due to residual objects in db from specs
* tweak to check hudson cucumber issue
* added dump rake task. thanks bnadav. closes #100
* require formtastic. closes #104
* new custom layout to match surveyor layout changes
* reload to correctly calculate dependencies
* date picker. closes #58
* hide section menu for fewer than three sections
* cleaning up features from merge
* correcing spec to reject blank radio responses. fixing response set spec
* modifications for repeaters and response groups
* merge formtastic
* default value for pick none answers. closes #103.
* view changes and updates.
* redcap text and string answers. closes #99
* return survey objects from parsers. closes #98
* delete survey components when deleting survey. closes #97
* group dependencies. closes #96
* fixing grid answers error with parser. closes #95
* prevent double inclusion of validations
* cleaner setup for hudson
* only resolve dependencies during redcap parsing
* forgot to uncomment
* fix hudson env setup
* setup hudson env after rails
* add hudson env to testbed init
* ci setup
* changing path for features files with new testbed
* don't double include model methods in unparser
* new testbed setup
* don't double include model methods in unparser
* don't double include model methods in redcap parser
* don't double include model methods
* finalizing redcap feature. parse dependencies. closes #93
* finished decomposing redcap branching logic rules
* working on redcap parser spec, question/answer reference lookup table
* skipping calcuated answers for now
* validations
* more progress on redcap parser
* working on redcap parser
* cucumber tests now work
* correction to post install notes in rakefile
* fix to rakefile instructions
* un-dryed the gemfile to try to fix a gem location problem
* added test boot file for test app usage, modified the rake task to copy in this file as well
* removed unparser from specs, it was breakin a bunch of them. deferred investigation
* got specs running and passing by adding internal rails app
* added rvmrc to create default gemset and added bundler
* Plugin installation is no longer supported
* wrong information in readme
* Merge branch 'master' into issue87
* Add count operator example to kitchen sink survey
* Generalize count operator to handle < <= >= !=
* Parse/unparse surveys w/ count> DC operator
* Add custom validation to handle count operator
* Remove count> "operator."
* fixed surveyor.sections translation line
* changed map resources order to access results survey success
* add translations for Sections title
* Add I18n to Sections title
* updated date on license
* updating results views and controller for new paths
* new results routes
* minor fixes to unparsing
* refining unparser. added rake task to unparse survey. closes #79
* unparsing for groups, dependencies, validations
* starting work on unparser for basic survey, section and question.
* prevent duplicate survey titles by appending incrementing numbers
* rake task to remove a survey. closes #64
* cleanup of old parsing strategy
* features and specs and new parser. closes #62
* first test driven work on parser
* moving parser and common specs so they run automatically. fixing some spec errors
* first shot a surveyor parser. some parts untested, but coded to determine style. references #62
* refactoring counters
* fixing failing specs. fixes acts\_as\_response issues
* use modules to include model methods. re-closes #77
* rails init. destroy dependent models
* explicitly require surveyor models and helper. update sweeper syntax. closes #77
* cleanup and requires
* fixing instructions for extending surveyor. closes #76
* remove manual numbering until it works. refactoring to use common methods.
* lowercase localization. feature instead of story in cucumber feature
* add results section
* add simple admin section for displaying survey result set
* Added manual numbering to labels as well
* typo in repeaters - use survey\_section\_id instead of section\_id
* view my survey specs fixed, fragment caching for surveyor#edit, localization. thanks bnadav
* simpler customization of surveyor.
* spec plugins task
* Feature instead of Story for cucumber.
* fix parser error in ruby 1.9, where instance_variables are symbols. closes #61
* added fastercsv as dependency. closes #59
* typo fix and test
* fixed broken spec for survey urls, made pending surveyor_controller specs pass
* Added explicit dependencycondition and validationcondition to DSL
* have authentication work with authlogic
* added "correct_answer" to parser, so you can specify one correct answer per question
* basic csv export. closes #21
* add unique indicies. closes #45
* add one_integer renderer. closes #51
* constrain surveys to have unique access_codes. closes #45. closes #42
* covering the extremely unlikely case that response_sets may have a non-unique access_code. closes #46. thanks jakewendt.
* current user id not needed in the view, set in SurveyorController. closes #48. thanks jakewendt
* surveyor config['extend'] is now an array. custom modules (e.g. SurveyExtensions are now included from within surveyor models, allowing
the customizations to work on every request in development. closes #39. thanks to mgurley and jakewendt for the suggestions.
* remove comment from surveyor_includes
* css tweak
* automatically add backslashes and eliminate multiple backslashes in relative root for routes
* readme spelling and line breaks
* fixing a failing spec with factory instead of mock parent model
* upgrading cucumber to 0.6
* adding rails init.rb to make gem loading work. thanks mike gurley. closes #52.
* Repeater changed to only have +1, not +3 as previous
* added locking and transaction to surveyor update action. Prevents bug that caused duplicated answers
* some light re-factoring and code readability changes
* some code formatting changes
* added require statement to specs so the factory_girl test dependency was more clear
* spiced up the readme... may have some typos
* readme update
* styles, adding labels for dates, correcting labels for radio buttons
* count label and image questions complete when mandatory. closes #38
* validate by other responses. closes #35
* @current\ if @current\_user isn't nil. Closes #37
* fixing typos
* remove surveyor controller from load\_once\_paths. fixes issue with dependencies and unloading in development. closes #36
* response set reports progress and mandatory questions completeness. closes #33
* adding correctness to response sets
* adding correctness to responses
* allow append for survey parser. closes #32
* making tinycode compatible with ruby 1.8.6
* fix for survey parser require
* fixing specs for namespacing and move of tinycode
* namespacing SurveyParser models to avoid conflict with model extensions
* fix for tinycode, more descriptive missing method
* validations in dsl and surveyor models
* preserve underscores in reference identifiers
* dsl specs, refactoring into base class
* adding display order to surveys
* moving columnizer and tiny column functionality to surveyor module
* columnizer (and tiny code) refactoring, columnizer spec extracted from answer spec
* cleanup of scopes with joins
* refactoring dependency
* question group dependencies
* expanded examples in kitchen sink survey
* specs
* custom index page
* custom classes and renderers
* fixing typo in kitchen sink survey
* new kitchen sink survey with better documentation of DSL
* migration misspelling
* fixing ordering, dependency conditions evaluation, and changing named scopes for now
* DRYing up surveyor DSL models
* working on adding dependencies for question groups