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Devel::Cover - Code coverage metrics for Perl
This module provides code coverage metrics for Perl.
If you can't guess by the version number this is an alpha release.
Code coverage data are collected using a pluggable runops function which
counts how many times each op is executed. These data are then mapped
back to reality using the B compiler modules. There is also a statement
profiling facility which needs a better backend to be really useful.
The cover program can be used to generate coverage reports.
Statement, branch, condition, subroutine, pod and time coverage
information is reported. Statement coverage data should be reasonable,
although there may be some statements which are not reported. Branch and
condition coverage data should be mostly accurate too, although not
always what one might initially expect. Subroutine coverage should be as
accurate as statement coverage. Pod coverage comes from Pod::Coverage.
Coverage data for path coverage are not yet collected.
The gcov2perl program can be used to convert gcov files to Devel::Cover
You may find that the results don't match your expectations. I would
imagine that at least one of them is wrong.
THe most appropriate mailing list on which to discuss this module would
be perl-qa. Discussion has migrated there from perl-qa-metrics which is
now defunct.
Perl 5.6.1 or greater. (Perl 5.7.0 is also unsupported.)
The ability to compile XS extensions.
Pod::Coverage if you want pod coverage.
Template Toolkit 2 if you want HTML output.
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