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Release 0.01 - Initial release - 9th April 2001
Release 0.02 - 10th April 2001
- Add summary output.
- Add -S option to turn it off.
- Turn Devel::Cover::Process into a class.
Release 0.03 - 10th April 2001
- Add detailed output.
- Add -d option to turn it on.
Release 0.04 - 12th April 2001
- Include Devel::Cover::Op
- Add condition coverage (sort of).
Release 0.05 - 9th August 2001
- Make line numbers more accurate when nextstate has been optimised away.
- Get things working with ithreads.
Release 0.06 - 10th August 2001
- Rename Devel::Cover::Process to Devel::Cover::DB
- Make the database a directory.
- Add fix for eval in filename. (Arthur Bergman <>)
- Add more tests and abstract away comparison subroutine.
- Clear @Inc if it is set explicitly.
- Trim filename length in detailed output.
Release 0.07 - 17th August 2001
- Add an API to Devel::Cover::DB.
Release 0.08 - 18th August 2001
- Provide better handling of files to report on or ignore.
Makefile.PL generates containing default @INC.
added +inc, -ignore and -select.
Release 0.09 - 18th August 2001
- Beef up Devel::Cover::DB.
Release 0.10 - 27th August 2001
- Add cover program to generate reports.
Release 0.11 - 10th September 2001
- Add pod coverage based on
- Put a full API on the database.
- Add:
- Some improvements to the cover program.
Release 0.12 - 14th October 2001
- Improve pod coverage by considering private subs.
- Add time coverage, aka profiling.
- Add:
- Abstract summary and percentage calculations to appropriate classes.
Release 0.13 - 14th October 2001
- Forgot to allow for lack of Pod::Coverage in
Release 0.14 - 28th February 2002
- Add a workaround for an AUTOLOAD bug in bleadperl.
- Add gcov2perl program to convert gcov files to Devel::Cover databases.
- Get rid of // comments in xs file.
Release 0.15 - 5th September 2002
- Reinstate coverage of subs in main:: which got lost somewhere (0.11?).
- Bug fixes for use of uninitialised values.
- Automatically generate tests. Well, their infrastructure anyway.
- Move Cover to lib/Devel/Cover to keep case insensitive filesystems happy.
- Remove -detail option. (It belongs to cover.)
- Work on op addresses and sequence numbers instead of just op addresses, to be
(almost) unique.
- Clean up subroutine location code.
- Fix -select to override anything else.
- Add condition coverage for && and || ops.
- Various changes in runops_cover to try to reduce runtime.
- Don't use runops_cover until CHECK time.
- Add merge, write and file options to cover.
- Add branch coverage.
- Abstract away cover backends.
- Use TT for HTML output.
Release 0.16 - 9th September 2002
- Get rid of some uninitialised warnings.
- Inline the HTML templates.
- Rebless the op after blessing it as a COP.
- Make branch coverage line numbers more accurate.
Release 0.17 - 15th September 2002
- Call check_files() in report() to ensure we pick up anything added to the
symbol table while the program was running.
Release 0.18 - 28th September 2002
- Redo the way condition coverage is gathered - abuse op_ppaddr.
- Put or conditions the right way round.
- Allow for subclasses of coverage types.
- Add:
- "use" all conditions in, and nowhere else.
- Add support for xor, ||= and &&=.
Release 0.19 - 29th September 2002
- Quieten uninitialised value warnings.
Release 0.20 - 5th October 2002
- Add break after default to satisfy IBM's xlC compiler on AIX.
- Get things working with threads again.
- make realclean is.
Release 0.21 - 1st September 2003
- Add cpancover.
- Handle $x || next and friends.
- Add html_subtle and text2 backends (Michael Carman).
- Rename html backend to html_basic.
- Make html backend a wrapper around preferred style, currently html_subtle.
- Make time coverage a little more accurate. OK, a lot more accurate, it's at
least on the right line now, but I still wouldn't really trust it.
- Fix pod coverage which has been broken for a while.
- Don't collect branch coverage when not asked for.
- Provide golden results for different Perl versions.
- Change some B::Deparse logic to mirror changes in 5.8.1/5.10.
Release 0.22 - 2nd September 2003
- Rewrite runops function.
- First line of DESTROY blocks and overload subs not now skipped.
- Add some more tests.
Release 0.23 - 6th September 2003
- Report condition coverage for branches on the same line as the branch.
- Add subroutine coverage.
- Made "all" coverage value work and made it the default.
Release 0.24 - 10th October 2003
- Paths in Devel::Cover::Inc in single quotes for Windows platforms.
- Add -dir option and default it to cwd.
- Ignore in cpancover.
- Display pod coverage in cpancover.
Release 0.25 - 10th October 2003
- Fix for perl 5.6.1. Cwd::abs_path($d) gets upset if $d doesn't exist.
- Start of some changes to cpancover HTML.
Release 0.26 - 12th October 2003
- Decline to output HTML results for conditions containing > 16 terms.
- Add titles to HTML output.
Release 0.27 - 9th November 2003
- Behave sensibly if import() is not called, for example when MakeMaker does a
PREREQ_PM check.
- Use Storable for the database instead of Data::Dumper/eval (Michael Carman).
Release 0.28 - 1st December 2003
- Remove leading whitespace from HTML templates (Gabor Szabo).
- Remove obsolete indent option.
- Add MD5 checksums (Michael Carman).
- Add (Michael Carman) (Obsoleting Gabor's patch before it was
- Pass unknown cover options to the formatter and remove -option.
- Specify the output directory for HTML.
- Search up directory trees for modules.
Release 0.29 - 19th December 2003
- Merge data from files with identical MD5 checksums (Arthur Bergman).
- Add do test.
- Handle $x || return.
- Keep cover -delete happy when there is no existing database.
- In cover, make -file a glob and add -exclude.
- Watch for coverage options being set in cover (PERL5OPT set?).
- Fix up html_basic and html_subtle.
- Make 5.6.x builds a bit quieter.
- Clean up time routines in XS code.
Release 0.30 - 22nd December 2003
- Get things working under Windows.
Release 0.31 - 22nd December 2003
- Remove debugging output. Hmmm.
Release 0.32 - 4th January 2004
- Actually include do test.
- Create run concept in database.
- Belatedly remove check for Template.
- Add branch_return_sub test.
- Add finalise_conditions() to collect previously missed coverage.
- Fix incorrect coverage results associated with "and" conditions.
- Add all_versions utility script.
- Put /usr/bin/perl on all shebang lines.
Release 0.33 - 13th January 2004
- Get things working on paths with spaces in them.
- Documentation clarifications (Andy Lester).
- Fix coverage for simple if, elsif and unless conditionals.
- Add if test.
- Ensure runs are merged in the order they were created.
- Don't report multiple data from dynamically created subs.
- Add dynamic_subs test.
- Fix and document Devel::Cover::Op.
- Redo subroutine coverage so anon subs are covered correctly in 5.6.x.
Release 0.34 - 14th January 2004
- Fix various warnings and errors that had crept in whilst working on
dynamic subs.
Release 0.35 - 8th March 2004
- Change Text2 to pick up version changes.
- Minor documentation updates.
- Minor changes to Devel::Cover::Op.
- Add outputfile option to HTML output (David Wheeler).
- Document -silent option to Devel::Cover.
- Add -silent option to cover (David Wheeler).
- Make Devel::Cover taint safe, or tolerant at least.
- Only add versioned golden results to tests that need them.
- Add trivial, md5 and module_no_inc tests.
- Increase flexibility of testing system to accomodate md5 test.
- Add mani, all_gold and all_test Makefile targets.
- Make all_versions skip non-existent platforms.
- Add DB option to make dump target.
- Remove dependencies on op_seq. (I removed it from bleadperl.) Use
op_targ instead.
- Collect some metadata.
- Documentation updates (Andy Lester).
- Document the mechanism by which files are selected for coverage.
Release 0.36 - 9th March 2004
- Add fork test.
- Remove debugging code from md5 test.
- Remove runs after merging - code was commented out for debugging.
- Don't merge runs during coverage collection.
- Delete database at start if not merging to cope with forking.
Release 0.37 - 10th March 2004
- Fix up pod test golden results.
- Add limitation documentation (Michael Carman).
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