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- Indicate how to increase coverage?
- Collect data for path coverage.
- Tests.
- Functional tests.
- Documentation.
- Profiling and speedups.
- BEGIN and CHECK blocks and code in modules. Requires callbacks from perl?
- Move away from Storable? To?
- Work with memoize.
- See if the XS code leaks, and fix it if it does.
- Different criteria for different runs.
- Improve textual output.
- Add platform and version info to DB.
- Refactor output routines to use common template data.
- Look at time coverage again - collecting for too many ops?
- Separate output for pod coverage, like subroutine coverage.
- Extend cpancover so people can upload databases.
- Document cpancover options.
- Allow thresholds to be customisable in HTML output.
- Fix up html_basic and html_subtle for subs.
- Sort out time coverage on Windows.
- Marking of unreachable code - commandline tool and gui.
- Threads support.
- Test analysis.
- Move HTML version and platform info to main page and allow for multiples.
- Fix up shebang line on tests.
- Be able to run Devel::Cover on itself.
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