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- BEGIN and CHECK blocks and code in modules is not reported.
- Doesn't play nicely with all of Perl's testsuite.
- elsif and else coverage is reported on the same line as the if
statement. This is because perl doesn't store the line number for the
elsif and elses. For the same reason the following warning is
reported on line 1 rather than line 2:
perl -we 'if ($a) {}
elsif ($a + 1) {}'
Use of uninitialized value in addition (+) at -e line 1.
- Pod coverage only reports data for modules, not top level scripts.
This is a limitation in Pod::Coverage.
- Pod coverage does not work well with source filters including Switch.
Line numbers are reported incorrectly.
- If an END block installs another END block it won't be covered. More
generally, any code run after Devel::Cover's END block won't be covered.
- Empty subs will be ignored in Perl 5.8.1.
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