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Update documentation for environmant variables.

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+=head2 User variables
The -silent option is turned on when Devel::Cover is invoked via
$HARNESS_PERL_SWITCHES or $PERL5OPT. Devel::Cover tries to do the right thing
when $MOD_PERL is set. $DEVEL_COVER_OPTIONS is appended to any options passed
into Devel::Cover.
+=head2 Develeoper variables
When running Devel::Cover's own test suite, $DEVEL_COVER_DEBUG turns on
debugging information, $DEVEL_COVER_GOLDEN_VERSION overrides Devel::Cover's
own idea of which golden results it should test against, and
-$DEVEL_COVER_NO_COVERAGE runs the tests without collecting coverage. The
-environment variables described in this paragraph are of interest to
-Devel::Cover maintainers only.
+$DEVEL_COVER_NO_COVERAGE runs the tests without collecting coverage.
+$DEVEL_COVER_DB_FORMAT may be set to either "JSON" or "Storable" to override
+the default choice of DB format (JSON if available, otherwise Storable).
+$DEVEL_COVER_IO_OPTIONS provides fine-grained control over the DB format. For
+example, setting it to "pretty" when the format is JSON will store the DB in a
+readable JSON format.
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