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@@ -533,7 +533,9 @@ given for the new database, the first database read in will be
overwritten. When this option is used no reports are generated by
-Specify -select and -ignore options to report on specific files.
+Specify the -select, -select_re, -ignore, and -ignore_re options to report
+on specific files. -select and -ignore are interpreted as shell globs;
+-select_re and -ignore_re are interpeted as regular expressions.
Specify -coverage options to report on specific criteria. By default all
available information on all criteria in all files will be reported.
@@ -542,11 +544,11 @@ pod. However, if you know you only want coverage information for certain
criteria it is better to only collect data for those criteria in the first
place by specifying them at that point. This will make the data collection
and reporting processes faster and less memory intensive. See the
-documentation for Devel::Cover for more information.
+documentation for L<Devel::Cover> for more information.
The -test option will delete the databases and run your tests to generate
-new coverage data before reporting on it. Devel::Cover knows how to work
-with standard Perl Makefiles as well as Module::Build based distributions.
+new coverage data before reporting on it. L<Devel::Cover> knows how to work
+with standard Perl Makefiles as well as L<Module::Build> based distributions.
For detailed instructions see the documentation for ExtUtils::MakeMaker at
L<> or for Module::Build at
L<> both of which come as standard
@@ -568,7 +570,7 @@ With the -test option the exit status of the underlying test run is retuened.
=head1 SEE ALSO
- L<Devel::Cover>
=head1 BUGS

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