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Fix up test quoting to work with Windows too.

Other tricks might be required for other operating systems.
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1 parent 66acc17 commit a1fd6f065d0304dfeff66b1ae156be4e06e169bd @pjcj committed May 16, 2011
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  1. +4 −4 t/internal/subprocess.t
8 t/internal/subprocess.t
@@ -12,10 +12,10 @@ else
plan tests => 2;
-my $cmd = "$^X -e 'print \"Hello World.\\n\"'";
+my $cmd = qq[$^X -e "print q(Hello, world.)"];
my $output = `$cmd 2>&1`;
-is($output, "Hello World.\n", 'simple test with perl -e');
+is($output, "Hello, world.", "simple test with perl -e");
-$cmd = "$^X -Mblib -MDevel::Cover=-silent,1 -e 'print \"Hello World.\\n\"'";
+$cmd = qq[$^X -Mblib -MDevel::Cover=-silent,1 -e "print q(Hello, world.)"];
$output = `$cmd 2>&1`;
-is($output, "Hello World.\n", 'test with perl -MDevel::Cover,-silent,1 -e');
+is($output, "Hello, world.", "test with perl -MDevel::Cover,-silent,1 -e");

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