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Test for JSON::PP.

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1 parent 9fd857f commit ca796f0e0ab5b46386887db4962932642bbdc35d @pjcj committed Apr 16, 2011
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9 Makefile.PL
@@ -171,6 +171,14 @@ Storable is required to store the coverage database. You can download
Storable from CPAN.
+check "JSON::PP", <<EOM;
+JSON::PP is required to store the coverage database in a portable format.
+This is necessary in order to merge coverage data from incompatible systems.
+Storing the database in a portable format will not be available until you
+install JSON::PP. In the meantime you may continue to use the rest of
check "Digest::MD5", <<EOM;
Digest::MD5 is required to check whether covered files have changed. You can
download Digest::MD5 from CPAN.
@@ -346,6 +354,7 @@ WriteMakefile
"Pod::Coverage::CountParents" => 0,
"Test::Differences" => 0,
"Parallel::Iterator" => 0,
+ "JSON::PP" => 0,
build_requires =>

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