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Add t target to run tests optimally.

And remove obsolete testdist target.
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1 parent 92ccccc commit eb87fac1d46b26446d9c9bc83b056aa40a7f7722 @pjcj committed Aug 4, 2012
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@@ -420,11 +420,8 @@ wrun : pure_all
prove : pure_all
\t \$(PERL) -Iutils -MDevel::Cover::BuildUtils=prove_command -le '\$\$c = prove_command and print \$\$c and system \$\$c'
-tst : pure_all
-\t \$(PERL) -Iutils -MDevel::Cover::BuildUtils=prove_command -le '\$\$c = prove_command and print \$\$c and system \$\$c and system "make test"'
-testdist : pure_all
-\t chdir tests/dist/\$(TEST); \$(PERL) Makefile.PL && make && DEVEL_COVER_TEST_OPTS=-Mblib=../../.. \$(PERL) -Mblib=../../.. ../../../bin/cover -test \$(COVER_OPTIONS)
+t : pure_all
+\t exec make test HARNESS_OPTIONS=j`\$(PERL) -Iutils -MDevel::Cover::BuildUtils=cpus -e 'print cpus'`:c HARNESS_TIMER=1
DB = cover_db

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