Commits on May 15, 2011
  1. Update to version 0.77

    committed May 15, 2011
  2. Add changes for 0.77 release.

    committed May 15, 2011
  3. Note changed location of CHANGES.

    committed May 15, 2011
Commits on May 14, 2011
  1. Update CHANGES.

    committed May 14, 2011
Commits on Apr 30, 2011
  1. Tested against 5.14.0.

    Well, RC2 anyway.  I trust there'll be no relevant changes.
    committed Apr 30, 2011
  2. Fix enormous time for first statement.

    The time wasn't being initialised under the new op replacement method.
    committed Apr 30, 2011
  3. Fix up inc_sub test failures.

    The import method is called a variable number of times, depending on whether
    Tie::Hash::NamedCapture is loaded.  This depends on whether %+ or %- is used,
    which probably depends on which IO backend is used and the perl version.
    Add "changes" to the test to account for this.
    committed Apr 30, 2011
Commits on Apr 29, 2011
  1. Fix up problems storing digests with Storable.

    The problem was that Storable could eval code which loaded a module, causing
    recursion within Devel::Cover and making the import fail.  Make sure we don't
    get recursion in this part of Devel::Cover.
    Also, move both IO backends into their own modules.  This wasn't a part of the
    solution, but it's something I should have done at first, and I did it to
    simplfy the logic whilst tracking down this problem.
    committed Apr 29, 2011
Commits on Apr 25, 2011
  1. Add branch coverage for gcov (rt 30365).

    The implementation is not perfect since gcov conflates the concepts of branch
    and condition coverage, but it is probably better than nothing.
    committed Apr 25, 2011
  2. Add run start and finish time to gcov runs.

    They are both set to the same time, which is the time gcov2perl was run.
    committed Apr 25, 2011
  3. Update CHANGES.

    committed Apr 25, 2011
  4. More debugging tidy ups.

    committed Apr 25, 2011
  5. Update CHANGES.

    committed Apr 25, 2011
  6. Add digests to DB.

    This should fix some problems related to losing coverage data when there are
    duplicate files.  This happens most usually when modules are sometimes loaded
    from lib and sometimes from blib.
    The method is to store digests for each file encountered and to use the first
    filename encountered for each digest as the canonical filename.
    Using this method, the logic to merge coverage data subsequently should be
    able to be deleted.
    committed Apr 25, 2011
Commits on Apr 24, 2011
  1. Tidy up debugging code.

    committed Apr 24, 2011
  2. Fix up CHANGES formatting.

    committed Apr 24, 2011
  3. Refactor the objectification code.

    committed Apr 24, 2011
Commits on Apr 23, 2011
  1. Minor formatting change.

    committed Apr 23, 2011
  2. Sort runs by start time.

    committed Apr 23, 2011
  3. Add DEVEL_COVER_IO_OPTIONS environment variable.

    Set it to "pretty" to make readable JSON DB files.
    committed Apr 23, 2011
  4. Update CHANGES.

    committed Apr 23, 2011
  5. Fix cover -test covering all the test files too.

    This is a regression fixed by Larry Leszczynski (rt 65920).
    committed Apr 23, 2011
Commits on Apr 22, 2011
Commits on Apr 21, 2011
Commits on Apr 18, 2011
  1. Update to version 0.76

    committed Apr 18, 2011
  2. Add changes for 0.76 release.

    committed Apr 18, 2011
  3. Update RELEASE document.

    committed Apr 18, 2011