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Build multiple versions of perl.

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Builds perl installations.

I originally got this from H.Merijn Brand at the QA Hackathon in Vienna. comes from
See that file for author and copyright details.
    Marcus Holland-Moritz.
    Paul Marquess.
    Kenneth Albanowski.

Is has been modified.  I think H.Merijn Brand added the config changes.  I
suspect that I added the jobs stuff.

mklinks makes links in /usr/local/bin.  It probably needs to be run as root.

runcpan installs various cpan modules.  It will need to be configured for the
modules to install and perhaps for the config.  It should probably be changed
to work on cpanm or something.

The perl source tarballs will need to be downlaoded and stored in a directory.
If you don't have them already they can be downloaded with:

  wget -r -nd -np -Agz,bz2

It's probably better to get them from though.

The script should really download them itself.  Does perlbrew know how to do

The installed perls need to live somewhere.  I put them in

BUILD is an example script to build the whole thing.

Paul Johnson -
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