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rhodill commented Dec 1, 2012

Mac Mini (2012) /OSX 10.8.2 / iTunes 11.0

After installation there is no sound output during playback thru internal speakers or speakers on external monitor (HDMI connection).

What should be the device selections for input and output in System Preferences/Sound ?

MFWills commented Dec 4, 2012

Same issue here. A five minute recording yields an 82mb wav file full of silence. I have a feeling it has something to do with input, but I have tried everything I can think of. I, too, am running 10.8.2 on a Mini.

Having the same problem - recording whilst my laptop plays audio just leads to the creation of a silent WAV file.

Thought it might have something to do with Soundflower being installed so uninstalled WT and SF, then reinstalled WT and still no luck.

In System Preferences > Sound I have

Input: Internal microphone / line-in
Output: Internal speakers / headphones

MacBook Pro (Mid 2010?) / OSX 10.8.2

rhodill commented Mar 11, 2013

I too have deleted SF and WT and reinstalled to no avail. Perhaps it is a problem with Mountain lion?
Despite my efforts all I get is a silent WAV file. Quite disappointing.

MFWills commented Mar 11, 2013

Let's also notice how long we've been waiting here for an answer.


ghost commented Feb 25, 2015

Funny, I have this problem too. I went to ask for help, and gave a mention to this thread, and the answer was basically, it works for most people. -.-

pitxels commented Nov 8, 2015

Same problem, also uninstalled Sound Flower before

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