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Welcome to the CheckBox Tree wiki.


The picture above shows some tree samples created with the CheckBox Tree widget. The tree on the left is a default CheckBox tree, the others are created using specific tree and/or model properties.

CheckBox Tree Components

The CheckBox Tree is implemented as a Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern and has three primary components plus a set of sub-components and extensions.

Sub Components






The cbtree packages comes with a set of demos each demonstrating the CheckBox Tree features and capabilities. Two comprehensive demos are available online:


To get the latest stable version please visit the download section:

Version Date dojo Description
cbtree-v09.4-0 Nov-03 2013 1.8 - 1.9 New TreeOnSubmit extension adds support for Checkbox Tree in HTML forms.
Updated documentation and Wiki.
cbtree-v09.3-0 May-03 2013 1.8 - 1.9 New stores implementing the dojo/store/api/Store API.
New models for the new stores and much more...
cbtree-v09.2-0 Aug-15 2012 1.8 Updated The CheckBox Tree to work with dojo 1.8.
Official release File Store and File Store Model.
Per store item read-only checkboxes.
New declarative demos added.
Updated documentation.
cbtree-v09.1-0 Aug-06 2012 1.7 A new File Store and File Store Model have been added.
New and updated demos.
Updated documentation.
Minor software updates.
cbtree-v09.0-0 May-20 2012 1.7 Initial cbtree-AMD release


For detailed installation instructions please click here