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Markdown to phpBB converter
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This software was done in the bare minimum time to scratch an itch I had.

If you ask me nicely, I'll write some docs and pop it on the CPAN.

I also love patches. Please send them to me. :)


This requires Dist::Zilla to install.

$ git clone
$ cd Markdown-phpBB
$ dzil install


$ md2phpbb       # Convert from file
$ echo "*Hello*" | md2phpbb  # ...or from STDIN

Output is always sent to STDOUT.


I found that phpBB syntax keeps getting in the way, but some of my favourite communities still use it. I use vimperator and vim to write all my text, so a command which lets me write in markdown and convert to phpBB was obvious.

Of most use is %!md2phpbb in vim, which will replace your current buffer (written in markdown) with the phpBB equivalent code. You can even bind it to a key (place in your ~/.vimrc file):

:nmap <F5> :%!md2phpbb<CR>

If you're using vimperator, phpBB will get in the way of using CTRL-I to invoke vim. You can allow CTRL-E (or another key of your choice) to also invoke the editor by adding the following to your ~/.vimperatorrc file:

:inoremap <C-e> <C-i>


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