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Fatal and autodie would not be possible if it were not for the contributions
of the wonderful people below.
Lionel Cons
- Original module
Ilya Zakharevich
- Prototype updates
Paul Fenwick
- autodie, autodie::exception, Fatal overhaul
- Suggesting the name 'lethal', which the module was
called during much of development.
Jured Waalboer
- Suggesting the name 'autodie'
Aristotle Pagaltzis
- Suggestions and sanity checking on design and interface
Jacinta Richardson
- Documentation improvements
Mark Reed and Rolan Giersig
- Klingon Translators
Matt Trout
- Suggesting I look at namespace::clean as a pragma that
works under 5.8 and which is able to precisely delete
subroutines from globs.
Robert 'phaylon' Sedlacek
- Writing namespace::clean, which I twisted to my dark
will to provide a faster, 5.8 clean autodie with less
Stephen 'Stennie' Steneker
- Spelling corrections.
- Advice on $^H, %^H, and other dark and terrible magicks.
- Being a wonderful sounding board for when I had too many
ideas and not enough implementation.
- Resolving the most frustrating issue of user-subroutine
replacement under Perl 5.8,
- Enlightening me as to the correct way to reference globs.
- Reminding me that 'use' really does happen first, regardless
of how it's been dressed.
Matt Kraai
- Formatting fixess in diagnostics.
Darren Duncan
- Spotting omissions in user documentation.
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