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Dies when XDG cache directory not present. #7

pjf opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Paul Fenwick
Paul Fenwick

Currently the code always wants a cache, and it always wants it in the XDG approved location. If that can't be created (because a parent directory doesn't exist), then we die on object creation:

Can't mkdir('/home/pjf/.cache/webservice-idonethis-perl'): No such file or directory at /home/pjf/perl5/lib/perl5/WebService/ line 55

Currently the only workaround for this is to make the directory the WS::Idonethis is expecting (eg: mkdir ~/.cache), however it would be nice to allow for cacheless running (which will always require a login) or for the cache directory to be specified elsewhere (possibly via an object, so we can use things like CHI).

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