My own personal tools for integrating RTM and Beeminder
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My own personal tools for integrating RTM and Beeminder.

When running the code, you might find that unless you have installed where perl can find it, you'll instead want to use:

perl -Ilib bin/rtbm-inbox-reporter       # Report my stats to beeminder
perl -Ilib bin/rtbm-inbox-show-staleness # Show inbox tasks by age

You'll also need a ~/.rtbmrc file with your RTM API credentials that looks like this:

api_key = YOUR API KEY
api_secret = YOUR API SECRET

In addition, you may also need to jump through an auth step with WebService::RTMAgent. In theory you can uncomment the relevant line in bin/rtbm-inbox-reporter, but I haven't tested that. Sorry! (Contributions for a separate auth program would be great.)

The Beeminder API is currently alpha, so this code presumes you've already got a command-line tool called bmndr in your path which can be called to submit data points in the following fashion:

bmndr goal datapoint [comment]

I'm happy to give you mine if the folks at Beeminder HQ tells me that you're cool.

♥ Paul