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Talks by Paul Fenwick
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Paul Fenwick's talks.

All my talks will end up here, so we don't have so many different repos.

I love it when people send me corrections. Pull requests are most welcome!


Unless otherwise stated:

  • Slides are CC-BY Paul Fenwick
  • Images are the property of their respective owners. (Check the slides that reference them for details.)

Directory layout

I use pinpoint for all my talks, along with the pinpp pre-processor. A typical directory will look like:

  • mytalk.pinpp - Top level structure and styling for the talk.
  • topics/* - Individual topic arcs, used by the above.
  • images/* - Images used in the talk, also used by the above.

There may also be other files (such as plan.txt) in which I've been brainstorming ideas, but which may or may not be relevant to the final talks.

Building and running

  • Install pinpp, the pinpoint pre-processor (cpanm App::Pinpp)
  • Install pinpoint, a neat presentation tool (apt-get install pinpoint)
  • cd sometalk
  • make
  • ./

Everything is a plain text file under the hood, so you can just read the files in topics/* with your editor if you don't want to faff around with build processes.

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