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Rails plugin for dead-simple timezone support

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Better specs for clarification

Signed-off-by: PJ Hyett <>
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This plugin is the simplest way to add local times to your app.


1) Call the javascript function Timezone.set() to set a timezone cookie

    eg: Hook it into the authentication system
      Logging in:
      <% form_for @login, { :html => { :onsubmit => "Timezone.set()" } %>
      Logging out:
    eg: Initialize it automatically
      window.onload = Timezone.set

2) Use it: <%= z(@post.created_at).strtime("%D") %>

If cookies[:timezone] is set it will convert the time to the user's 
local time, otherwise it will do nothing.

You don't need to have AR save your time in UTC, the plugin will determine 
your server's offset and adjust accordingly.
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