Extends React Native's StyleSheet Object to allow for nesting of styles
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Nestable stylesheets for react-native.


npm install react-native-nested-stylesheet

Usage notes

This plugin will allow you to create styles of the following format:

namespace: {
	styleA: {...},
	styleB: {...},

With the plain StyleSheet API you can only create stylesheets with one level. It should noted that NestedStyleSheet does not create cascading selectors. This is merely to allow namespacing of styles (e.g. containing the styles for all items in a specific ListView).

Note: You are only allowed to include other objects within a nested style. You cannot define rules at the namespace level.

Usage Example

var React = require('react-native');
var NestedStyleSheet = require('react-native-nested-stylesheet');

var {
} = React;

var styles = NestedStyleSheet.create({
	cells: {
		container: {
			flex: 1,
			flexDirection: 'row',
			alignItems: 'center',
		thumbnail: {
			width: 53,
			height: 81,
		content: {
			flex: 1,

var Demo = React.createClass({
	render: function() {
		return (
			<View style={styles.cells.container}>
				<Image source={{...}} style={styles.cells.thumbnail}
				<View style={styles.content}>

module.exports = Demo;