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Hi, welcome to the PlantUML plugin for Mediawiki IconMediaWiki. The full project page for this plugin can be found on


  1. A Java Icon Java installation. Can also be OpenJDK

  2. GraphViz extension

  3. Prerequistes of GraphViz. Basically if you get the GraphViz extension running you should also be able to get PlantUML to run.


With Composer

[Composer support is in preparation] (

Without Composer

  1. Go to the extensions folder of your MediaWiki installation. On RedHat and derivates this will be /usr/share/mediawiki/extensions. cd /usr/share/mediawiki/extensions

  2. Create a new subdirectory PlantUML in this folder and move to this directory. mkdir PlantUML && cd PlantUML

  3. Move the all downloaded file (PlantUML.php, PlantUML.body.php, extension.json, i18n, ...) into the PlantUML directory. mv <downloaddir>/{PlantUML.php,PlantUML.body.php,extension.json,i18n}.

  4. Choose your usage style. You can either process images locally (on the server where MediaWiki was installed) or in the cloud. The local version supports SVG-images and embedded urls, at the cost of local processing. The cloud version is lightweight for your server. Default local processing is expected. If you want to use the cloud, please set to LocalSettings.php $wgPlantUmlUseCloude to true.

  5. When using local processing: get the plantuml.jar from SourceForge


  6. (Optional) Set to LocalSettings.php the variable $wgPlantUmlFormat to your preference. Mind that SVG produces the superior graphics, but that only PNG-images and image maps are "rock solid". (defaults: svg)

  7. (Optional) Adapt the getUploadPath and getUploadDirectory to your preference if you want these different from MediaWiki's standard settings. Mind that these directories must be writeable by the system user who runs MediaWiki.

  8. Put the following line to your LocalSettings.php in MediaWiki's root folder to include the extension:

    wfLoadExtension( 'PlantUML' );

  9. When using the cloud, make sure that httpd can submit HTTP-requests. (Optional) Adapt $wgPlantUmlCloudURI to use your private PlantUml server

  10. Reload http `service httpd graceful

  11. Enjoy!


If you have suggestions or remarks, please file an issue!


PlantUML plugin for MediaWiki






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