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@@ -41,9 +41,8 @@ first. Here's a few tips on doing so:
Obtaining Emacs 24 on OS X is really simple. There are two popular
ways to do it. The first is to simply download a pretest (or a nightly
build) from [Emacs for OSX]( My personal
-recommendation would be to get the latest pretest (which is ironically
-the first pretest as well) from
+recommendation would be to get the latest pretest from
That was really easy, right?
@@ -88,9 +87,9 @@ That said, few distributions include in their primary repositories
builds of Emacs 24. Luckily there are some unofficial repos that come
to the rescue.
-Debian/Ubuntu users should look no further than the amazing
+Debian users should look no further than the amazing
[emacs-snapshot APT repo]( You'll find
-installation instructions there for all the relevant Debian and Ubuntu
+installation instructions there for all the relevant Debian
versions out there. High quality, highly recommended builds! After
you've added the repo you can install Emacs 24 with the following
@@ -99,6 +98,13 @@ command:
$ sudo apt-get install emacs-snapshot
+Ubuntu users have easy access to Emacs 24 as well:
+$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:cassou/emacs
+$ sudo apt-get install emacs-snapshot
Gentoo users have even less to do, since Emacs 24 can be obtained via
the emacs-vcs package in portage, as noted in the official
[Emacs on Gentoo page](
@@ -293,11 +299,22 @@ under the **personal** directory in `prelude-dir`. They will be loaded
automatically be Prelude on startup.
Avoid modifying the Prelude config itself (unless you're not
-intimidated to maintain a personal fork on GitHub)- this will make it
+intimidated to maintain a personal fork on GitHub) - this will make it
hard for you to receive automatic updates in the future.
## Caveats & Pitfalls
+### Ugly colors in the terminal Emacs version
+If your Emacs looks considerably uglier in a terminal (compared to the
+GUI version) try adding this to your `.bashrc` or `.zshrc`:
+export TERM=xterm-256color
+Source the `.bashrc` file and start Emacs again.
### Marmalade error on initial startup
If you get some http connection error related to the Marmalade repo
@@ -325,7 +342,10 @@ time. This situation will probably improve over time.
## Known issues
-Check out the project's [issue list]( for that. :-)
+Check out the project's
+[issue list](
+a list of unresolved issues. By the way - feel free to fix any of them
+and sent me a pull request. :-)
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