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Example of how to set up migrations in Clojure using Korma, Drift, and PostgreSQL.
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Example templates for using Drift migrations with Korma and PostgreSQL >= 9.0.


Copy the file src/config/migrate_config.clj to your project and edit the database connection credentials as appropriate.

When you run the migrations, a table called schema_version will be created in your database, containing a version integer column and a created_at timestamp column. The current schema version of the database is defined as the version given in the row with the most recent created_at timestamp, or 0 if there are no rows in the table.

Place migrations in src/migrations. An empty migration example, 001_base_schema.clj, is provided.

See also for details on how Drift works.

Pull requests with enhancements are welcome. :)


Copyright © 2012 Paul Legato.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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