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What is the current status of Perl 6?

Quick answer: there's a usable alpha, ready to download and use right now.

Longer answer:

Perl 6 is a language specification. There is an implementation of it called Rakudo, and a distribution of Rakudo called Rakudo Star.

Rakudo Star feels a lot like an alpha of Perl 6. You can compile programs written in Perl 6, use modules written in Perl 6 (a selection of which are bundled with it), and you can do that today.

If you're a Perl 5 user, you might be asking: "Can [the implementation of Perl 6 called Rakudo Star] do everything that /usr/bin/perl5 can today?" The answer is "mostly, yes". Rakudo Star misses a few Unicode features Perl 5 has and doesn't have non-blocking IO across all its backends. In the unlikely event you've ever used Perl formats, they're missing too.

Other than that, the "not quite done" parts are things /usr/bin/perl5 can't do right now: advanced macros, threads and concurrency, specialist data-types for people working with large numeric data sets, and a few other bits and pieces. Additionally, performance and stability have the characteristics of an alpha.

But it has all the rest of the cool stuff you were promised, already:

Most of the current work on "Perl 6" is in fixing bugs, performance, and stability of the pieces that makes up the Rakudo Star distribution rather than adding new features.

How to download Rakudo Star

What is the relationship between Perl 5 and Perl 6?

Although Perl 6 was originally envisioned as the next great version of Perl, the community now deems Perl 5 and Perl 6 as separate projects with separate development teams and project goals. Perl 5 continues to flourish into its 3rd decade and there is no plan for it to cease development anytime soon. Read more about it here.

Where can I see some examples of Perl 6?


One of Perl's strengths has always been CPAN. Perl 6 doesn't have a rich CPAN infrastructure yet, but a list of Perl 6 modules is available

Some quick links:

Rosetta Code

Rosetta Code shows how many different programming tasks are accomplished in many different languages. Over 700 Perl 6 examples are linked to from the Perl 6 category


Many examples are linked to from the official Perl 6 documentation

Tell me something cool about "recent" Perl 6 developments!

Rakudo has a JVM backend! That's cool, right?

Where can I learn Perl 6?

There are a number of tutorials and code examples at the official Perl 6 documentation

What has happened with Perl 6 recently, and what's next?

There's an excellent blog

Who made this document, and where does it live?

Perl Careers, for London-based Perl jobs made it.

It lives on Github